Belleruche White

Although the rich red wines and bright rosés produced there are the most famous wines to come from the Rhône valley, Côtes-du-Rhône Blanc — made from Grenache Blanc (White Grenache) with the addition of other white grapes — has long graced the lunch and dinner tables of French families. White Grenache, with its distinctive aromatic profile, gives this wine its unmistakable herbaceous and white fruit nose (think white apple and pear). While smaller amounts of Clairette help to bring the alcohol level in this wine up to a judicious 13-13.5%, it is the Bourboulenc that gives Belleruche Blanc its delightful acidity, making it a fantastic pairing for salads (dressed with vinegar) and seafood (kissed with the juice of a lemon).

In the vineyard, the grape growers wait until peak ripeness before picking in order to allow the fruit to show its natural flavors and aromas. In the cellar, the key to the vinification is freshness: the grapes are pressed the moment they arrive in the cellar, thus retaining the wine’s bright fruit and crisp acidity.