M. Chapoutier

Journeys of a Syrah Queen Covers Mathilde Côtes de Provence Grand Ferrage Rosé

Syrah Queen Rupal Shankar, FWS, spends some time with Mathilde Chapoutier, and samples her Côtes de Provence Grand Ferrage Rosé:

Côtes de Provence Grand Ferrage Rosé is her signature wine and is a perfect blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault. This is the second vintage she has produced. At first when she approached her father to produce this wine, he was hesitant as he was not a fan of Provence rosés. Mathilde quickly changed his opinion with this wine, producing a dry rosé that Michel loves and drinks regularly.  Like Mathilde the wine is versatile, fun and full of charm.

Over the course of our dinner, we immediately sensed Mathilde’s elegance, grace and talent.  Not only did she make Côtes de Provence Grand Ferrage Rosé,  she also played with her inner artistic talents and designed the label for the wine.

Côtes de Provence Grand Ferrage Rosé (Retail $19.99) has a delicate pink hue and a silky texture that captured my palate.  It offered aromatic flavors of red fruit, exotic spice and floral notes. The wine explodes with energetic, vibrant, fresh fruit. Notes of citrus, raspberries, stone fruit, violets and nutmeg danced on the tongue. The wine had infinite persistence with a long mouthwatering finish and is absolutely stunning right till the end.  Like wines produced by her father, this rosé, has wonderful structure, juicy acidity, and minerality that captures the essence of the terroir.

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