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Guillaume Ginther of Le Coq Rico Wins Pâté Croûte American Finale, Will Compete in World Championship at M. Chapoutier

Photos by Leslie Guilhard
Photos by Leslie Guilhard

Guillaume Ginther. the executive chef at Le Coq Rico in New York City, has won a spot at the World Championship of Pâté-Croûte, taking first place in the inaugural Pâté Croûte American Finale at the Consulate General of France in New York City.

Ginther will join 11 other contestants at the Championnat du monde de pâté Croûte (“World Pie-Making Championship”) on December 5 at the renowned French winery M. Chapoutier in Tain-L’Hermitage.

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Second place at the American Finale went to Eric Gauthier of Ateliers & Saveurs in Montreal, whose prizes include a dinner in Montreal hosted by Michel Chapoutier. Nicolas Rafa of Le District in New York City finished in third place, winning a whole pig from D’Artagnan.

The World Championship of Pâté-Croûte is sponsored by D’Artagnan Gourmet Food, M. Chapoutier, Champagne Duval-Leroy, the French Consulate General, the French Cheese Board and Terlato Wines.