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M. Chapoutier Named Most Admired French Brand in the World

MichelEvery year Drinks International publishes the world’s most admired wine brands decided by the Academy of judges – 200 trusted wine professionals, journalists, educators and MWs from across the globe.

Michel Chapoutier is always an MW favorite. But this year, M. Chapoutier has been awarded the #5 Most Admired Wine Brand in the World and the #1 Most Admired French Brand in the World. M. Chapoutier also jumped from its #6 position as Most Admired European Brand in 2015 to the #2 spot in 2016.

Academy member Miguel Chan, group sommelier for Tsogo Sun Hotels, says: “M. Chapoutier has cleverly understood the wine market in its intricacies, by delivering across all price points with the reassurance of strong brands, hence giving consumers a sense of security when choosing their brands according to their budget and taste preference.”

Another Academy member seconds this: “Chapoutier continues to produce wines at at the very top of the quality spectrum yet at the same time produce large volumes of excellent entry-level wine, and everything in between, with amazing consistency.”

View the full coverage here.

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