M. Chapoutier

Michel: “a style we thought climate warming had made a thing of the past”

“Everything, or almost everything, that can be said has probably already been said about the 2013 vintage,” writes Michel in his report on the 2013 harvest in Northern Rhône. “After the uninspiring weather in spring, 2013 had been criticized and written off early by practically everyone. Having rightly or wrongly been proclaiming the ‘vintage of the century year after year, in 2013 we are going to see a return to a style which we thought climate warming had made a thing of the past. As with any ‘challenging’ year, the understanding of the vintage’s particular characteristics and the subsequent decisions taken by the wine producers will have amplifying effects. The gestating wines will tell all in due course but, as we come out of the harvest, an objective insight was needed into the genesis of this vintage which we expect to give some pleasant surprises, in both white and red wines.”

Please click here to download a copy of the complete report including some fascinating charts illustrating weather patterns over the last decade.

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